Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to heal

September 2, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Woman Healed on the Sabbath; Luke 13:10-13

It bothers me sometime.  Someone gets healed of their physical or emotional problems right away.   Me, I struggle with it.  I have had emotional problems for years.  Every time I would work on the healing, it seemed to take forever.  Even now I am working on self doubt.  So why do some get it right away and I do not?

Luke 13:13 Amplified
13  Then He laid [His] hands on her, and instantly she was made straight, and she recognized and thanked and praised God.

As I looked at various translations for this verse, the Amplified, as it always seems to, added things not in other translations.  But did it really add something?  In other translations she is praising God, in this one she recognizes and then thanks and praises God.  In order to thank God you have to recognize where the healing come from.

Maybe, I struggle so much because I do not recognize God in it all.  As I said yesterday, sometimes the manure must happen so we can grow.  If I do not learn how to walk through it, it will come back.  Time for me to realize that God has provided it and I must thank Him for it even when I can not see it.

Read for next time: Synagogue Officials Oppose Jesus; Luke 13:14 - 17

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