Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Final Destination

September 11, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today:  Jesus Travels Toward Jerusalem; Luke 13:22

Luke 13:22 (World English Bible)
22 He went on his way through cities and villages, teaching, and traveling on to Jerusalem.

Last time I noted that you have to look back to where God met you for the first time, that child like faith that God is with you no matter what.  

Well, just like Jesus, once you get back to that starting point you need to progress forward.  Jesus knew what the end was to be. That did not make it any more painful.  I do not know what God holds for me in the future, what pains are going to be there, or what joy either.  I only know that I must progress towards them.  There will be both problems and joys, I know I must go through both.  Like Jesus, I know in the end, the final point of the journey will not be my death, but my life eternal with Jesus.

Read for next time: How Many Will Be Saved? Luke 13:23-30

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