Friday, September 24, 2010


September 24, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today:  Pharisees scoff. Teaching on divorce; Luke 16:14-18

Luke 16:17-18 (GOD'S WORD to the Nations)
17 It is easier for the earth and the heavens to disappear than to drop a comma from Moses' Teachings.
18 "Any man who divorces his wife to marry another woman is committing adultery. The man who marries a woman divorced in this way is committing adultery.  

Why do these verses sit next to each other in the Bible?  Did Jesus really say them in that order and that close together?  My mind thinks that they do not really belong together.  

But the fog lifts as I think on them for a while. He was taking a shot at the Pharisees.  They had changed the simple law that Moses had give about divorce, do not do it! They put in their own rules in place of God’s law so that they could have their own way.

Likewise, in my life I try to change things to suite me.  I want to take God’s law and make it in my way.  God smiles and says, do not do it. But if you do do it, I have sent my son to take care of it.  While I do not live under the law, the ones that I could never keep, I am obliged to live the best I can.

Read for next time:   The rich man and Lazarus; Luke 16:19-31
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