Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why the shepherds?

October 2, 2008

Luke 2:18 (WEB)
18 All who heard it wondered at the things which were spoken to them by the shepherds.

Why did the people wonder about what they shepherds have to say to them? What they had been taught tell them that the savior was coming? There were a number of reasons for them not to believe them I guess.

They were not religious men by any means. Sheep needed to be taken care of daily and the men taking care of them would have broken the Sabbath commands more than once most likely. While there may have been spiritual people who were shepherds, for example David, they were not the religious leaders of the people. Wouldn't God come to the people who understood the scripture to reveal himself? I guess not, because God chose these simple men.

Shepard's tended to live out in the country. Animals can be messy. Sheep especially so. Generally they were raised away from the city and with the winds going away from where they the city so the smell would not ruin the city atmosphere. Wouldn't God come to the big city and let Himself be known. I guess not. He was out in the county.

These men were also the bottom rung of the social ladder as well. They were not the type you would invite to your party (unless I guess you were a shepherd also). They were often considered uneducated and vulgar people. Not the type ofrif-raff that God would be associated with, right?

God took the time to show himself to the lowest of low and they returned the favor by spreading the news about Him?

Oh, one more thing. The verses before this one tell us that the shepherds were in the field watching the sheep. While it is possible this would happen in what we call December, it is not probable. It was more likely to take place in the spring, real close to what the Jewish holiday of Passover. Passover celebrates a time when the blood of a sheep saved the Jewish people from death. Here are people taking care of sheep. Coincidence?

Read through the Bible in historical order
Matthew 1:1-25, Luke 2:1-38
Matthew 2:1-23, Luke 2:39-52
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