Tuesday, October 7, 2008


`October 7, 2008

Our verses today may look like we just went over the story. We did, but in our journey through the Bible we are now looking at it from a different writer and hopefully will see something different this time. It can be difficult sometimes when you read the Bible and are so familiar with it to see something new each time, but God can help you do so.

Like the other day, Jesus will heal a man by telling him his sins are forgiven then telling him to get up and walk. In place of looking at the finished product, a life of faith then healing, lets look at the start of the story.

Mark 2:3 MKJV
(3) Then they came to Him, bringing one who was paralyzed, who was carried by four.

When we are sick we need the help of friends to get us through things. When we are sick though is not the time to go looking for them. I am not saying that in your sickness you can not find friends, just that it may be more of a problem. And what do I mean by sickness? I do not just mean the physical kind that Jesus was addressing here, I mean the spiritual kind as well.

I have a trusted friend who is a councilor at the church that I attend. I never would have met the man if it had not been that I needed spiritual advice one day. Now, if I have a need I can go to him for advice. But you know what, there was not one friend helping the man, there were four friends. Man does not need just one friend, he needs many. If you do not have at least four friends that you can confide in, then it may be time to work on cultivating more.

I know what I have to do. Do you have to do so also?

Read through the Bible in historical order
Mark 2:1-28
John 5:1-47
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