Friday, August 8, 2008

Evil thoughts

August 8, 2008

Jeremiah 4:14 BBE
(14) O Jerusalem, make your heart clean from evil, so that you may have salvation. How long are evil purposes to have a resting-place in you?

When I first became a Christian I had a difficult time, and I still have it to this day. I had a bad childhood with a lot of self-image problems. As a kid I was fat and the one that every boy knew he could beat up so when it came time to impress their friends, you know who they picked on. I was told by my dad that I was an 'oops' and was not planned for. What the older brothers got as the grew older, I did not. To top it all off, when I needed a father the most, early teen years, my dad decided to leave my mom and I wondered what I did to cause it.

Why do I say all that, because it affects who I am today. My life is a combination of all that is in my past. I, like you are affect by the positive and negative things of our lives. If you are thinking bad things about yourself, you are thinking evil things. God through the prophet Jeremiah tells us today that we have to take evil thoughts and get rid of them, they are not to have a place where they can come to rest in our hearts.

I am working on me, do you need to work on yourself also.

Read through the Bible in historical order in one year

Jeremiah 4:1-6:30

Jeremiah 7:1-9:26

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