Monday, August 18, 2008

Everybody is doind it.

August 17, 2008

I know that no one else suffers with a problem I have so I will just tell you about what I have read in my Bible today and how it effects me, is that OK?

You see, I have a problem. A lot of times sin stares me in the face and I want to (and sometimes do) give in. I mean, doesn't everybody. That is a good excuse right? Everyone does it.

Jeremiah 35:5-8 GNB
(5) Then I placed cups and bowls full of wine before the Rechabites, and I said to them, "Have some wine."
(6) But they answered, "We do not drink wine. Our ancestor Jonadab son of Rechab told us that neither we nor our descendants were ever to drink any wine.
(7) He also told us not to build houses or farm the land and not to plant vineyards or buy them. He commanded us always to live in tents, so that we might remain in this land where we live like strangers.
(8) We have obeyed all the instructions that Jonadab gave us. We ourselves never drink wine, and neither do our wives, our sons, or our daughters.

The Rechabites lives in a bad time. There was sin all around them. It would have been easy to give into that lifestyle. But guess what, they did not. If someone tries to tell you that everyone is doing it, tell them that you do not have to, you are a Rechabite. (Be prepared for them to look at you funny though).

Read through the Bible in historical order
Jeremiah 35:1-37:21
Jeremiah 38:1-40:16
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