Friday, August 1, 2008

Beautiful houses for God

August 1, 2008

Years ago I had to go to Los Angeles to help out the company I was working for. I was there for two weeks and the one weekend I was there, on Sunday afternoon, having turned down free ticket to Disneyland (can you picture going to a place like that by yourself?), I found myself out for a drive just to do something. I found myself at the Chrystal Cathedrial, built by Robert Schuler. If you have ever seen that building on television, believe me, TV can not do it justice. I was there on a sunny day and the way the light streemed in and the beautiful design, I just felt I could sense God in a more beautiful way. Especially when you compared it to my home church which was a converted four room grade school building. But going home and attending that church I also felt God. The people at my home church loved God in a very deep way and had reverence for him. All this to say, that a beautiful building does not make a home for God. Something that God said Himself:

Isaiah 66:1-2 BBE
(1) The Lord says, Heaven is the seat of my power, and earth is the resting-place for my feet: what sort of house will you make for me, and what place will be my resting-place?
(2) For all these things my hand has made, and they are mine, says the Lord; but to this man only will I give attention, to him who is poor and broken in spirit, fearing my word.

God does not care for beautiful buildings. We may care about them. The late Buddy Harrison, a former pastor of mine, once said, 'since I live in Oklahoma I believe in two things, God and air conditioning.' Buddy hit it on the head. We care for the creature comforts, not God. What God wants is people who follow Him, and do so with the right attitude.

Read through the Bible in historical order in one year

Isaiah 64:1-66:24

2 Kings 20:1-21:26

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