Friday, August 27, 2010

Who made Jesus judge?

August 27, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today:  Jesus warns about greed; Luke 12:13-15

I have read the story many times. There Jesus is talking. Suddenly a man yells that his brother will not share their father’s estate with him and he wants Jesus to make the brother divide it. Jesus then tells the crowd about greed and how it is not good.  But in my rush to get my reading done I have skipped over one nugget of truth.

Luke 12:14 (Bible in Worldwide English)
14 Jesus said, ‘Man, who made me a judge over you or gave me power to divide your things?’

Jesus asked the man who made me judge over you? It is a question that I must answer every day. Who made Jesus judge over me?  Or have I made someone else judge over me?

Growing up I was told by my father that I was an oops. I was not meant to be born.  I made him the judge over me.  Now it was wrong what my father did and as I child I did not know any better so we will not go there.  But as an adult, if I let what anyone says about me be the standard by which I live my life I have let them have control over me.  While their words are powerful and may hurt, they are not me, they are a judgement of me.

The only one that can truly judge me is Jesus. I have made Him my judge when I accepted Him as my savior.  When Jesus asks who made Him judge over me, I can say that I did.

Read for next time: Parables about being ready; Luke 12:16-40
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