Saturday, August 21, 2010


August 21, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Lunch with a Pharisee Luke 11:37

The guide that I am using for the life of Jesus is available at and was created by Ken Palmer as a series of Sunday school lessons.  I sometimes wonder about the way he did things.  Why, many times, does he pick one scripture as part of the life when it blends in with comes before and after the verses.  Today was one of those.  Why pull this verse out and make it a separate one.  It flows so much with what comes after it.

But when you look at it there is a big statement here.

Luke 11:37 (A Conservative Version)
37 Now as he spoke a certain Pharisee asks him that he might dine with him. And having entered in, he sat down.

Did you see it?  Look at the first four words: ‘Now as he spoke...’  Jesus was speaking! This Pharisee just walks up to Jesus and starts talking.  Invites Jesus to have lunch with him.  As a part time teacher I can tell you that while I am talking I do not care to be interrupted.  It is at times like that I am sure my students are glad that I can not call down fire from heaven.  I would leave a lot of burnt toast behind me.  

Jesus however, goes to lunch with Him.  He took the time to listen to what the man had to say.  In our lives, it is often so easy to get mad when someone interrupts us, especially when we are talking. We need to stop and do what Jesus did. Take some time to listen to what they have to say and respond to that.  We may or may not like what we hear, but we need to listen and not respond before we do.

Read for next time: Jesus does not wash His hands; Luke 11:38
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