Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jonah Miracles

August 16, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Sign of Jonah; Luke 11:29 - 32

Luke 11:29-30 Message Bible
As the crowd swelled, he took a fresh tack: "The mood of this age is all wrong. Everybody's looking for proof, but you're looking for the wrong kind. All you're looking for is something to titillate your curiosity, satisfy your lust for miracles. But the only proof you're going to get is the Jonah-proof given to the Ninevites, which looks like no proof at all. What Jonah was to Nineveh, the Son of Man is to this age.

Am I any different? Do I want God to fix things so that I do not have to? Do I want to get through my problems without pain? I want some miracle in my life so that I do not have to go through the pain. No, like Jonah, I will have to search through the conflicts in my life.  And like the people of Nineveh what God presents to me, that is what I have to do, no matter how much the pain may be.

Read for next time: The Lamp of the Body Luke 11:33 - 36
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