Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rooster Crow Experience

October 26, 2011
The Life of Jesus; read today:  Peter's 3rd denial - relative of Malchus; Matthew 26:73-75; Mark 14:70-72; Luke 22:59-62; John 18:26-27

Weymouth: Matthew Chapter 26
 [73] A short time afterwards the people standing there came and said to Peter, "Certainly you too are one of them, for your brogue shows it." [74] Then with curses and oaths he declared, "I do not know the man." Immediately a cock crowed,

In my own life there have been cases when I have had a ‘rooster crow’ experience like Peter did here. Some I did not listen to, most I did. In every case, it was God gently nudging me to listen to Him and take the right actions.  Why?

Why am I not able to live the best life possible? Why do I need God to prompt and nudge me?  I guess because I am imperfect. I have flaws. I say things that I will do and then do not do them. I try not to, but I have this thing called flesh that wants its needs met more than it should.

Like Peter, who put the needs of his life before Jesus life, I also will have moments when I will hear the rooster crow, and weep when I realize how off course I am.  Then God knows that I am back on course for Him for a while.

Read for next time: Guards beat Jesus; Luke 22:63-65