Sunday, February 6, 2011

What makes you happy?

February 5, 2011

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Jesus weeps for Jerusalem; Luke 19:41-44

Luke 19:42 (Bible in Basic English)
Saying, If you, even you, had knowledge today, of the things which give peace! but you are not able to see them.

What an indictment on Jerusalem, and also on me.  On this day when we are going to get hit with Super Bowl mania, and millions are spent on commercials to tell us what well make us happy and give us peace, Jesus tells us what it will be that gives us peace.  

It is not the things that will give me peace.  I find it funny that I could not leave work last night till I finished up with a customer.  I started with him and his wife 20 minutes before I was to leave, and staid with him for a full hour afterwards. He could not decide which TV would give him the most pleasure in watching the game today and though his baby was getting fussy the husband and wife debated on.  What was sad about the whole thing was that he was going to be preaching at Children’s service at his church this morning because the regular minister was stuck out of town.  So at midnight, when he should have been resting and preparing, he was out in the middle of bad roads and snow, finding the TV that would make him happy.

I know I am not much different, I look for things to make me happy.  I need to focus more on Jesus.  

Read for next time: Jesus enters Jerusalem then goes to Bethany; Mark 11:11

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