Thursday, February 24, 2011

Broken or Crushed

February 24, 2011

The life of Jesus. Read Today:  Parable of the vine growers; Matthew  21:33-46; Mark 12:1-12; Luke  20:9-18

People often say that they will never be broken.  I think that the Bible tells me differently.

Luke 20:17-18 - The Bible in Worldwide English (BWE)
17 ‘But Jesus looked right at them. He said, ‘What about this writing then? "The stone which the builders would not use is now the chief corner stone."
18 Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces. But if that stone falls on anyone, it will crush him.’

I see that I have a choice here. It is clear that the stone rejected is Jesus.  I can either fall on the stone and choose to break myself so that I can be molded into the person that God wants me to be, or I can let the stone fall on me and be broken and destroyed.

It says that if I choose Jesus I will be broken into pieces.  Pieces can be put back together.  On the other hand, if the stone falls on me, I will be destroyed.  There will be no hope of me being put back together in the way that I was.

God does not want to destroy me, but He does want to remake me in the image I need to have to do what He wants me to do.  I have unique talents and abilities that I can put to use for Him.  I cannot do that if I am crushed.

Still, the choice is mine.

Read for next time: Parable of the wedding feast; Matthew 22:1-14

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