Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Family Faith

February 2, 2009

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Samaritans come to Jesus 4:39-42

There are steps in salvation, but the most important one is to believe.

John 4:42 BBE
42 And they said to the woman, Now we have faith, but not because of your story: we ourselves have given ear to his words, and we are certain that he is truly the Saviour of the world.

I can believe that what has happened in your life is wonderful, and still go to hell. It is only when I make that transition to the knowing that Jesus is the way that I can actually take him as my savior. The people could not get by on the woman's faith and neither can you or I. When we are children we can do that. But as we grow we must make the choice for ourselves.

Do you still live off of your parent's faith?

Read for tomorrow: Jesus continues toward Galilee; Luke 4:14-15 John 4:43