Monday, July 21, 2008

We all fall down...

July 21, 2008

Hosea 14:1 CEV
(1) Israel, return! Come back to the LORD, your God. Sin has made you fall.

Simple thought. Our sin makes us fall. God however, is willing to pick us up and put us back on our feet. All we have to do is to return to Him. That seems to be the hard part though. We get to enjoy our sin, or at least we think we do. The time will come that the sin becomes too much for us. We then learn that it is not the fun that we thought it was. God will still let us turn back to Him, it is not to late. Think how much better it would be to have a body not ruined by sin to give Him though.

Return, come back to the Lord.

Read through the Bible in historical order in one year

Hosea 8:1-14:9

Isaiah 28:1-30:33

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