Friday, July 25, 2008


July 24, 2008

First a quick note. I missed yesterday. In a year and a half of doing this, this is the first day I have missed totally. I have been a little late a couple of times but never let it slide totally till yesterday. An explanation (not an excuse) is in order. I write these as the day comes up. I do not have several in the can and pull them out each day. In fact I work 3 jobs and do not have the time to do that. Between the two jobs I worked yesterday and a job interview and total exhaustion, well, it was the perfect storm. I kept putting it off, and then I fell asleep. I ask forgiveness and promise to try not to do it again.

I want to take the time while out of devotion mode here to welcome many new readers. They seem to have picked up since I added YouVersion to the place I post the devotion to (the blog, mailing list, Facebook, Twitter and now YouVersion). If you have not used YouVersion I recommend that you give it a look at . I will admit that it is not for everyone but I like to use it to get some ideas once in a while when I am coming up dry for the devotional.

I will hopefully get today's out shortly, now to our regularly scheduled devotional, already in progress.....

Isaiah 35:10 DRB
(10) And the redeemed of the Lord shall return, and shall come into Sion with praise, and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

As I mentioned in the note above. I work 3 jobs. I put in 80 hours a week and still try to be a dad to my kids (and husband to my wife). I can tell you it is not easy. I would love to just go to one job each day and say that is it. When the exhaustion creeps in as it sometimes does and I get depressed, I have to turn to verses like todays. I am redeemed, I know that, Jesus bought me with His blood and paid a price that I could never pay to get me that redemption. One day in the future there will be a time that I will not have to be working so much. I know that. If it is in my lifetime that is good. But when I pass on, there will be a time that I do not have to worry about it. There is a place where sorrow and mourning do not exist. In fact they will not even be hinted at. There will be perfect happiness.

Do you know Jesus as the one that redeemed you? If not ask Him to do so now. If you do, know that what ever situation that you are in will pass eventually. If not, there is that perfect place that we will see. Let that be your encouragement.

Read through the Bible in historical order in one year

Isaiah 35:1-36:22

Isaiah 37:1-39:8, Psalms 76:1-12

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