Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is the world in you?

July 3, 2008

The New Testament tells us that we are in the world but not of it. I always found that kind of hard to do. I mean, doesn't the world affect me. Am I not tainted by it. It would seem that it would make it harder to live for God since I am in it. I mean if I was in water, wouldn't I get wet. Now if it is that hard in a nation like mine that has Christianity as its foundation and freedom of religion as its belief, wouldn't it be harder if I live in a country that openly and forcefully believed in another God? That country was Israel. After the kingdom was split Judah and its capital, Jerusalem mostly followed God. Israel and its capital, Samaria, turned to the worship of idols. Yet even in this country there was hope. A child had been taught about the true God and when she was taken by force to be a slave, she kept that belief in her.

2 Kings 5(Message Bible)

1 Naaman was general of the army under the king of Aram. He was important to his master, who held him in the highest esteem because it was by him that God had given victory to Aram: a truly great man, but afflicted with a grievous skin disease.

2 It so happened that Aram, on one of its raiding expeditions against Israel, captured a young girl who became a maid to Naaman’s wife.

3 One day she said to her mistress, “Oh, if only my master could meet the prophet of Samaria, he would be healed of his skin disease.”

4 Naaman went straight to his master and reported what the girl from Israel had said.

No matter what the outside world may throw at you, you are in the world but it does not have to be in you! In fact, what is in you needs to come out from time to time. Naaman goes on to get healed which could be another devotional by itself. And he becomes a follower of the true God.

Do not let the world get it you. You can be in it, but do not let it be in you.


2 Kings 5:1-8:29

2 Kings 9:1-11:21

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