Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whatever He says...

January 23, 2009

The life of Jesus. Read Today: The 1st miracle - turning water to wine; John 2:1-12

John 2:4-5 Etheridge
4 Jeshu saith to her, What (is it) to me and to thee, woman? Not yet hath come mine hour.
5 His mother saith to the servitors, Whatever he telleth you, do.

In study of these verses I found something interesting. We so often look at these verses as the King James says, Jesus looking at Mary and saying, "Woman! Why bother me, what is this to me?" But that is not what it appears. Etheridge seems to show us here that Jesus is telling her, this is not really our concern. That he need time before He is to show my divinity.

Mary is still rebuked, but it comes off much gentler. As for Mary, she looks at the servants and says, what ever He says, do it. He knows that Jesus is not one who will let innocent people be embarrassed. It might have even been Jesus and His entourage showing up that caused the wine not to last.

That is the faith I wish I had so often. That I could know that I could walk in the words of God and do what ever He says in my life. Mary was a woman of faith, wasn't she.

Read for tomorrow: The 1st temple cleansing; John 2:13-25