Thursday, January 8, 2009


January 7, 2009

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Birth of John the Baptist Luke 1:57 - 80

Luke 1:72 BWE
72 ‘He said he would be kind to our fathers. He said he would remember his agreement with them.

After John is born, Zechariah is questioned what they should name him as they did not believe Elizabeth. As he wrote out John for them, he could speak again. And when he could he spoke the word of God as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Can you imagine the poor man, shut up in a world where he could not speak. He could write, but he was most likely not able to afford a lot of things to write with so he meditated and prayed silently while the nine months went by. In his quiet world, he considered all that the angel had told him.

Think about what would happen if you could take nine months and just contemplate on God. Zechariah knew when it was all done, that not only had God delivered him, but he most likely saw the whole plan unfold.

When you can not see the end from the beginning, take some time to reflect on what God has done for you.

Read for tomorrow: Angel visits Joseph in a dream Matthew 1:18 - 25