Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If you want to be 1st...

June 28, 2011
The Life of Jesus; read today:  Dispute about the greatest disciple; Luke 22:24-30

There is a show called 'Undercover Boss' that has a head of a company go to work at bottom levels of the company. Generally there is a humbling experience for both the boss and the people he is paired with.

One episode I saw had the boss of a casino in Las Vegas paired with the general workers. He saw both sides of them, the public smiling side and the non-public side where they talked about their trials. One woman seemed to be happy no matter where she was at. Asked the secret about her joy she took the boss with her during lunch break.

They went to a florist shop and picked up some flowers that were old and about to be thrown out but still looked good.  They then went to a nursing home and brought joy to the patients that received them. Each day, she explained she spent her lunch hour doing this with different stores and nursing homes.

MKJV: Luke Chapter 22
 [26] But you shall not be so: but the greater among you, let him be as the lesser, and he who governs, as one who serves.

In the end, when they had the reveal part of the show, he let her know how much she had influenced him, and he would be honored to go out with her on theses trips. Arrangements were made to take the older flowers from the casino and hotel and give them to her as well as a donation of fiances and a van.

More important however, was the fact that the man took his family on trips to do the same thing without that woman. He had learned that to be a really big person, you need to be a servant to others.

Read for next time: Jesus predicts the disciples' denial; Matthew 26:31-32; Mark 14:27-28

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