Wednesday, June 22, 2011


June 22, 2011

The Life of Jesus; Judas leaves; John 13:27-30

WEB: John Chapter 13
 [30] Therefore, having received that morsel, he went out immediately. It was night.

The darkness is when the bad things happen to  me.  I am not talking about night time, but the darkness.  Yesterday was summer solstice, the longest day in the year. If there was a day of light and not dark ruling that would be it. As they day went on as I went from one job to the next, I felt alone, inadequate, not needed.  The darkness was surrounding me.

I have found that when the darkness starts to surround me, that is when I give in to sin the most.  While it is a struggle, I must work each day to keep myself from going down the dark path. If I do not do so, then like Judas, I may think I find what I want, but in the end it will be destruction.

Read for next time: A new commandment; John 13:31-35

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