Monday, November 3, 2008

Who sent you?

November 3, 2008

I fix computers for a living. In my current job I work for a college and the people call into a central number, they take down the details of the problem and either I or my co-worker will get dispatched on our campus to take care of the call. When I was new to the job I would walk into an office and they would look at me and say 'who are you?' When I explained I was with 'Client Services' they understood that I was there to take care of their computer repair. Though they may have never seen the call center that sent me, I was the represenative and if they could believe in me then they could believe in the one who sent me.

John 12:44-45 ISV
44 Then Jesus said loudly, “The one who believes in me does not believe in me but in the one who sent me.
45 The one who sees me sees the one who sent me.

Jesus knew that His time was short on the earth and He tried once again to tell His disciples who and what He was. They could see Jesus, they knew that He was a Godly man. Jesus was trying to tell them that they could believe in Him and by proxy, in God. If they saw Him, they saw God. Just like on my job, people who see me see the whole support team behind me. They do not have to believe in the people who run the network, take the calls, order things, they just need to believe in and see me.

That introduces another question. When people see your walk as a person, what support system do they see. Do they see that your support comes from God, or the world? When people see you, who is the one they see that sent you?

Read through the Bible in historical order
Matthew 22:1-46
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