Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being One

November 11, 2008

John 17:20-21 BBE
20 My prayer is not for them only, but for all who will have faith in me through their word;
21 May they all be one! Even as you, Father, are in me and I am in you, so let them be in us, so that all men may come to have faith that you sent me.

The prayer of Jesus is so rich in these chapters. One thing jumps out at me. In a time where we here in the USA have come through a very bitter election, there is much separation between the people of this country. In the midst of it all, this week, the incoming president and the outgoing one met in Washington, D.C and had a discussion on the things that he will need to know when he takes over ruling the country. They put differences aside, and many harsh words were said, for the benefit of the country. They got down to doing what was best for the people of the USA.

Our Churches could take a lesson. Jesus says we are to be one, not just the disciples that lived in that day, but for all who came to believe in Jesus after they spread the Word. I attend a luncheon at the school where I work every Wednesday. It is put on by Baptist Campus Ministries. I felt sensitive going because my beliefs are slightly different but when I talked to the leaders about it one asked if I believed in Jesus as my savior. When I answered yes, he said that we could fellowship around that. Where minor things could separate us, they were living epistles to me about what Jesus had said about being one.

Do you have a problem with people whose faith is a little different than yours? If so, think about the words Jesus said.

Read through the Bible in historical order
Matthew 27:1-66, Mark 15:1-47

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