Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is the truth

November 4, 2011
The Life of Jesus; read today:  Jesus before Pilate; Matthew 27:1-14; Luke 23:1-7; John 18:29-38

ESV: John 18:38. Pilate said to him, What is truth? After he had said this, he went back outside to the Jews and told them, I find no guilt in him.

In verse 37 Jesus had just said His reason for coming, to bear witness to the truth.  Now I am sure that Pilate knew who Jesus was. I am sure that the politics of the era were all to familiar to him. Having followed what was going on I am sure he understood the teachings of Jesus, or at least have heard about them.  So he asks an interesting question. "What is the truth?"

That is a question that we all must ask.  As a Christian I believe I have the truth, not a truth. Some may say that I am judgemental because I believe that way. My answer is that I am not the one that judges, God does.

I may present the truth to some one and they may choose to ignore it.  It is no longer my problem.  Pilate asked about the truth and he had it in front of him.  All he does with it is to try convince the people not to kill Jesus.  He does nothing to try to stop what is happening.  Likewise when people hear the truth they can accept it as the truth, understand that it is a truth, or reject it.  My job is to present it, there choice is theirs.

Read for next time: Jesus before Herod; Luke 23:8-10