Friday, February 15, 2013

Free thinkers

Feb 15, 2013

Read Today: Fulfilment of prophecy; John 19:35-37

We know this is true, because it was told by someone who saw it happen. Now you can have faith too.
(Joh 19:35 CEV)

I work for a college. For a long time there was one religious group on campus. They did many events on campus but in all of them they glorified God and Jesus.  Recently another organization asked permission to start another group. They did not see each other as competition but as both fishing is the same pond.

The problem was that having two organizations bothered some people on campus. So they started an organization for others who did not believe in God in any way shape or form, or in any religion. One of the things on the recruitment poster was that ‘free thinkers’ were allowed.

Free thinkers? Does that mean that if I am a Christian I am not a free thinker, that I am corrupted by people telling me what to think?  Yet their whole life is one thought after another given to them by people who are teaching them. No one is a ‘free thinker’, we all are taught by those before us and choose to accept or reject it.

John wrote what he wrote because he was a witness to it, and he wants me to have faith in it also. I am free to accept it or reject it.  God has given me the ability to be a free thinker.  What He put in his Word is there so I can accept it or reject it. I am not forced into believing what His word says, I do so because I believe it to be a true account of what happened. Just like the group on campus I have to accept what has been taught and written is a true account. God has given me the ability to think and choose and I am thankful for that.

Read for next time: Joseph requests body from Pilate; Matthew 27:57-58, Mark 15:42-43, Luke 23:50-52; John 19:38