Friday, January 1, 2010

What is the time?

Jan 1, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Peter's question about forgiveness; Feast of Booths at hand; John 7:2

John 7:2 CEV
(2) It was almost time for the Festival of Shelters,

Almost seems like a throw away verse. The ones following it talk about how Jesus' brothers want him to go to Judea and show Himself. but Jesus says it is not time.

So what is the Festival of Shelters. It took place at the end of harvest time. It was meant to have the people remember that they lived as wanderers in the desert. They did this by constructing tents (booths) and living in them for one week. It was one of the three events that all Jewish men were to celebrate in Jerusalem every year. The general attitude during this celebration according to the historian Josephus was one of fun and merriment.

Jesus came to teach the people. It was His time to take His message to them and He would take it to them in His way. This would be a good time for Him to do so. People receive a message better when they are happy. And all the people would be there.

God will give you the times you need to tell others of His Son. Be ready to grab at the times when He does.

Read for next time: Brothers advise Jesus to go to Judea: John 7:3-8
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