Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heaven cannot wait

Jan 12, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Jesus cries out in the temple; John 7:25-30

John 7:30 BBE
(30) Then they had a desire to take him: but no man put hands on him because his hour was still to come.

There is a time for you to die. You can not be taken before that time no matter what Hollywood says. Years ago there was a movie called Here Comes Mr. Jordan, later remade into Heaven Can Wait. In both an angel comes and takes an athlete before his time and in both he replaces a millionaire who just died.

No much as it is a great story, it is not at all possible. God only knows the time that you are to die and I am not really sure that angels are the ones that come and get you. But, hey, it is Hollywood right?

In reality, like Jesus in our verse, there is a time that you will come to the end of your life here on earth as will those around you. You will either go to heaven or hell. I do not judge you on that, Jesus will and it will not be on the life you lead here on earth, but on the acceptance of Jesus.

If you know Jesus as your savior, think about that. Do the loved ones around you know Him as well. Have they prayed the sinners prayer with you. If not, it might be their time soon.

If you have not made that commitment yourself, now may be a time for you to think about it, tomorrow may be to late. Heaven can not wait! Nor hell!

Read for next time: Multitudes amazed at Signs; John 7:31
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