Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How big is your test of faith?

June 3, 2009

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Daughter's death is reported to Jairus; Mark 5:35-36; Luke 8:49-50

Mark 5:35-36 BBE 
35 And while he was still talking, they came from the ruler of the Synagogue's house, saying, Your daughter is dead: why are you still troubling the Master?

Put your self in Jairus place. As a ruler he had lowered himself to Jesus, showing that Jesus, a carpenter, had the authority and he did not.  Jesus goes with him to heal the girl and what happens?  We get a healing service (the woman with the issue of blood) and then a testimony service about what happened. And now what happens. His daughter is dead.  His lowering of himself seemed to do nothing at all.  He had faith in this man and nothing happened. 

36 But Jesus, giving no attention to their words, said to the ruler of the Synagogue, Have no fear, only have faith.

Jesus knew what was going through this man's thoughts as He does with all of us. He looked at the man and said do not fear, have faith. He says that to all of us.  He wants us to have faith.  As you go through life and begin to have faith in things, like Jairus your faith will be tested.  And it will seem that the bigger your faith is, the bigger test of faith you will have.  What looked like it was impossible, Jesus asked this man to have faith in.  

So, how big is your test of faith?

Read for tomorrow: Jesus raises Jairus' daughter to life; Matthew 9:23-26; Mark 5:37-43; Luke 8:51-56
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