Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sideline faith

November 9, 2012

Women watch from a distance; Matthew 27:55-56, Mark 15:40, Luke 23:49

And all his acquaintances and the women who had followed him from Galilee stood at a distance watching these things.  (Luk 23:49 ESV)

So much of my life has been on the sidelines. My faith is there, I just do not push it to full activation. So through a lot of my life I sat on the sideline and watch the game of life.  There were many reasons for this. Maybe I was scared of success, or of failure. Maybe I have been hurt by others. Maybe it is both, or other things as well.

Jesus does not call us to be on the sidelines, we are not to follow at a distance. But if I do, I am in the company of many saints who did so themselves. And I am not to judge them for what they are doing, because when I look deep inside myself, I do so also.

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