Thursday, February 14, 2013

The blood

Feb 14, 2013

Read Today: Soldier pierces Jesus' side; John 19:33-34

But one of the men made a wound in his side with a spear, and straight away there came out blood and water.
(Joh 19:34 BBE)

The two thieves on either side of Jesus were still alive, but Jesus appeared dead. Still they could not be sure.  So a soldier took it upon himself to use a spear to cut open Jesus. And when he did, blood and water flowed out of Jesus.

The water shows that I am cleansed and have my sins washed away because His broken body was on that cross. The blood represents healing. ‘There is life in the blood’ an old testament verse says.

Tradition says that the soldier who pierced Jesus side had a problem with his eyes. When the blood fell on to him, he was instantly healed. That would be just like both Jesus and God.  The irony of one who was part of the death of Jesus would receive healing from it. I know that every day, I must take the blood upon me, to heal me from the problems of my life. His blood can heal me of any emotional, physical or spiritual problems I may face.

Read for next time: Fulfilment of prophecy; John 19:35-37