Friday, November 9, 2012


November 9, 2012

The Life of Jesus; read today: Multitude leaves grieving; Luke 23:48

Luke 23:48(ISV)
When all the crowds who had come together for this spectacle saw what had taken place, they beat their breasts and turned back.

They knew what was happening, that a man was being killed. They watched. They saw the darkness fill the sky. They must have agreed with the Roman soldier that this was a good man. Yet the walked away. After the main event was all done, they walked away.

I am sure that it stuck in their heads for a few weeks. How this man who should not have been crucified had been anyway. As their day to day life went on, it slowly moved out of their consciousness.

Sometimes I think my salvation is like that. There are times when it is on the front burner and I am fully aware of all that God has done for me through His son Jesus. Then their are other times, times when the latest video game, TV series, work of the church, whatever it is that dulls my senses through the day to day life of living. I walk away like the people did, and it fades from my consciousness.

God, I ask you to keep the sacrifice of Jesus in my thoughts daily, not to let any thing else take its place. In Jesus name, AMEN