Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can God find you?

September 9, 2008

At one time I was running from God. I had been a good Christian for many years but my desire to go forward with God was limited by my spouse, who never pictured herself as a minister's wife. So since I could not find much pleasure in the marriage or working for God, I ran away from both, as well as my kids. The woman who said she would wait for me forever quickly found a boyfriend and then married him. I got to be suicidal.
Even though I had not darkened the door of a church, God knew where I was. He found me and let me know He still loved me and gently nudged people into the right direction to talk me back to Him. The people of Jerusalem had that same problem. They were far away from where God was. Unlike me it was not there choice. But one day:

Ezekiel 40:1 VW
(1) In the twenty-fifth year of our captivity, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city was captured, on the very same day the hand of Jehovah was upon me; and He brought me there.

God had a message to the people in exile. And Ezekiel was the one to give it. They did not need to be in Jerusalem, God could find them wherever they were. God can find you where you are too. It does not matter if you are running as fast as you can from Him, or you have followed Him your whole life. God is there and will be with you.

Read through the Bible in historical order
Ezekiel 40:1-41:26
Ezekiel 42:1-43:27
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