Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Keep the faith

March 4, 2009

The life of Jesus. Read Today:Jesus heals a Centurion's servant; Matthew 8:5-13; Luke 7:1-10

Today's readings deal with the Centurion's servant and how he got healed. The Centurion has a servant and wants him healed. He feels he is not worthy so he sends some Jews to Jesus to get him healed.

Now growing up in the church that I did, when we heard this story, we knew the sermon that went with it. As Jesus is approaching the house, the centurion comes out and says that he is not worthy for Jesus to come into his house. Likewise, our sermons would say, we are not worthy to have Jesus under our roof (in us). While this is true, stopping there, we may cut the message short.

In my adult years, the church and the sermon changed. The emphasis changed to the chain of command that the centurion talks about. He is under authority and has those under him. All Jesus had to do is say what He needed to and it would take place. The sermon would say that we had to learn about the chain of authority that was available to us and how we had to work in it. Again, we loose so much.

Luke 7:9 Common
9 When Jesus heard this, he marveled at him, and turned and said to the crowd that followed him, "I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel."

Here is the big point of the story. FAITH. The servant did not get healed because of the pious nature of the centurion. And he did not get healed cause of a knowledge of chain of command. While they are important, it was the faith that did it.

Faith, it is important. Keep the faith.

Read for tomorrow: Widow of Nain's son is raised; Luke 7:11-17