Tuesday, March 9, 2010

If Jesus twittered

March 9, 2010

The life of Jesus. Read Today: Adulterous woman brought to Jesus; John 8:3-11

I have written in the devotionals before about Twitter.  It is fun to think about what life would be like if some of the tools of today had been around in the time when Jesus walked the earth. For those of you not familiar with Twitter is what is referred to as micro-blogging, putting all of your thoughts into 140 characters. It can take some thought if  you have a lot to say and little space to say it in.  I suspect that is what Jesus was doing into today's scripture.

John 8:5-6 BBE
(5)  Now in the law Moses gave directions that such women were to be stoned; what do you say about it?
(6)  They said this, testing him, so that they might have something against him. But Jesus, with his head bent down, made letters on the floor with his finger.

In some ways I believe that Jesus was doing a comentary on what was going on it those peoples lives. So Jesus may have been the first person to have twittered, just not on as large a scale.

Michael Card in his song Scribbling in the Sand tells his version:

It was silence it was music
It was art it was absurd
He stooped and shouted volumes
Without saying a single word

The same finger
Of the strong hand
That had written ten commands
For now was simply scribbling in the sand

So, what if Jesus was to take your life and put a twitter commentary up on it?  Would you be like the people around Jesus that wanted to condemn the woman in their judgement and quickly walked away when they were confronted.  Or would it draw you closer to Him?
Read for next time: Light of the world - Taught in temple treasury 8:12-20
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